Art & Science International, Inc. is a full-service construction and development company dedicated to integrated design and execution of exquisite luxury residential and commercial projects;


  • New construction, renovation and comprehensive project management
  • Extensive computer system and CADD capability relative to virtual reality and walk-through applications, construction documents, financial modeling and scheduling
  • Interface with local and state government agencies, planning, zoning and building departments
  • Residential and commercial automation and management systems
  • Infrared thermal imaging diagnostics applications, roofing surveys, building energy audits, moisture detection and mold remediation
  • Lifelong maintenance, upgrading and renovation
  • Interior design and custom furniture design and production
  • Acquisition  of original artwork, antique furniture and objects, and complete private collections globally


For detailed information about our projects under construction or properties for sale please kindly contact us directly at: +1 203 861 6616, +1 212 332 3434, or email us at: