• All intermediaries, agents, representatives, facilitators and legal counsels ("Agents") must have established relationships with the owner(s), able to provide evidence / authorization of such, and must secure their positions with their principals.
  • All Agents must have verifiable exclusivity in writing to represent their principals.
  • We protect all Agents but will not execute any non-disclosure / fee agreement prior to execution of the sales and purchase agreement.
  • We are willing and able to instruct our financial institutions to submit a verifiable proof of financial capability in the form of a Bank Comfort Letter ("BCL") in the amount equal or higher than the appraised value of the artwork. We will submit BCL directly and only to the principal owners of the Artwork / their banks.

NOTE: Above requirements are not subject to negotiation.



  • Full contact information of the owner(s)
  • Proof of ownership of the artwork
  • Complete provenance, certificates, authentications and appraisals
  • Export permit, if required.
  • Asking price



  • Upon completion of our initial due diligence, we might require additional supporting documents / evidence.
  • We at all times reserve the right to reject the profile / artworks / all documentations, to terminate discussions with any or all parties involved, and to reject any or all offers (on whatever terms) at any time and without ascribing any reason for the same.
  • We will not execute any agreements with Agents and/or any other third parties.
  • We have zero tolerance for misrepresentations and fabrications.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of our required due diligence, we will proceed directly with the principal owner(s) of the artwork, and with the phase of negotiations, re-inspection, authentication and certifications, if necessary.

We welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities of working with you.

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