Global Humanitarian Program

Project Number: ASI-UN3081-T506-08012020-21


Our group of companies participate in a Global Humanitarian Program with a significant budget. Our main priorities are pharmaceutical products and medical devices, children, agricultural products and equipment, civil and infrastructures globally. Seventy percent of our budget has been designated to the US.


We accept requests for humanitarian needs by October 25, 2020. All requests must be official, including detailed specifications and must be verifiable by contacting the signatory and/or other relevant authorities in the country, and must be based on a twelve-month plan starting December 01, 2020, ending December 02, 2021.


We will verify and evaluate each request and will complete our required due diligence process by November 15, 2020. We have zero tolerance for fabrication of documents / misrepresentation of information / resellers. All unverifiable requests will be excluded from the subsequent programs.


We will start shipping products and equipment in December 01, 2020, and will be shipped directly from the country of origin to the recipient country. Products and equipment will be shipped from the US, Canada, South America and Europe only.


We will only work with ministries of health and agriculture and/or direct relevant authorities and/or as decided by us. We will not conduct business with third parties / subsidiaries / agents under any circumstances.


ASI at all times reserves the right to reject the Principal / company profile, to terminate discussions with any or all parties involved, and to reject any or all product inquiries / offers (on whatever terms) at any time and without ascribing any reason for the same.


Please email all inquiries to Mr. Behzad Farahani at