If you receive project inquiries, offers or any other documents from / on behalf of Art & Science International, Inc. ("ASI"), please kindly contact us directly at +1 203 964 7777, to verify the authenticity of the documents you have received. ASI will not proceed with any proposal / project /  transaction, prior to satisfactory completion of the due diligence process and confirmation by ASI’s compliance department of the validity of all documents provided to ASI, and the legal and corporate standing of all entities proposing to conduct business with ASI.


All representatives, agents and mandates must secure their positions with their principals ("Principal"), and must have verifiable and registered company, and are required to submit a verifiable letter of authorization on the letterhead of the Principal, two forms of photo identification and Principal profile prior to any communication with our company. The Principal profile and letter of authorization must contain full contact information of the Principal including the physical location, land line, fax and email address attached to the company's website (PO Box / mobile number / generic email address is not acceptable). Submitted documents might be forwarded to the Principal for verification of authenticity and legitimacy.


Upon the verification of authenticity of submitted documents and the satisfactory completion of our required due diligence, we will proceed to the next phase of the project.

ASI at all times reserves the right to reject the Principal / company profile, to terminate discussions with any or all parties involved, and to reject any or all project inquiries / offers (on whatever terms) at any time and without ascribing any reason for the same.


We do not issue letter of intent /  offer / inquiry / request to any mandate / agent / representative / third party under any circumstances.

No intermediary, agent, broker, mandate, individual or entity is authorized to represent ASI, or to submit offer / inquiry on behalf of ASI. Upon receipt of any communications or documents issued to ASI, which prove to be fictitious, ASI will immediately inform all relevant legal and policing authorities.




All letters of authorization issued to the individuals and entities by Art & Science International, Inc. and its subsidiaries are terminated and void as of March 1, 2023, and are no longer valid to be presented to any individual and entity and/or to represent, negotiate, decide, or execute agreement, with any individual and entity on behalf of our companies and/or to act as a managing member of our company in any country. Please contact us immediately at: if you receive any letter of authorization.